The key points of quality policy

In short, we can summarize the general criteria established to ensure compliance with the quality policy according to these points:

Organization and personnel

• Agile and efficient organization, with well-defined levels of competence and responsibility.

• Constant training and refresher programmes for all operations personnel.

Quality and project development

• Project supported by a data processing system, and developed according to precise work plans to verify the development phases for every new product.

• Careful analysis of the information and the experiences learnt on the market, of customers’ requests, to develop each new product according to market trends.

• In-depth testing performed during development of prototypes.

Sales and Marketing

• Precise selection of the product to meet all customer’s needs and an efficient after sales service.

• Market research to monitor the evolution of the market and technology, develop new products and new markets, and always offer the latest to our customers.

• Efficient management of requests in order to ensure quick and timely deliveries

• Maximum flexibility in production (motors and components) and collaboration with the customers to guarantee great customization.

Suppliers and production

• Careful selection of strategic suppliers, which work closely with our technicians, according to precise quality requirements.

• Modern production technologies to ensure maximum accuracy in processing, with maximum business efficiency.

• Production planned and controlled by modern computer systems, to know in real time the progress of the order.

• Tests and pre established checks at every stage of the process, considered essential to ensure compliance with all the technical and qualitative requirements of each product.