Production of valves designed primarily for industry food and beverage, for dairy, chemical and pharmaceutical.

Bardiani Valvole S.p.A. is an important Italian business with headquarters in Fornovo Taro which designs, produces and markets (in Italy and over 80 different countries around the world) valves with applications in dairy, food & beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetic processing plants.
This combination of technology, customization and customer care makes Bardiani Valvole a unique supplier in terms of flexibility in production and an ability to meet customer requests.

Attention to details, industrial efficiency and product reliability.
Its high level of specialization allows the company to produce different types of valves and is able to meet the individual needs of each customer, thanks to the creation of special valves on request incorporating special diameters and fittings and customer-designed valve units. The quality and reliability of the product is guaranteed by the careful selection of top quality materials, such as AISI 316L stainless steel, and the manufacturing of valves machined from solid steel bars with no welding; maximum hygiene is guaranteed by the special finish on all parts which come into contact with the product which is kept to a level below 0.8μm.
The quest for quality has always been the company’s main focus. This is why Bardiani products have obtained important and significant certification which certify the quality, performance and safety of its products: EHEDG certification, 3A certification, ATEX certification, CRN (Canadian Registration Number) certification and PMO (Pasteruized Milk Ordinance) certification.
All the design, production and marketing stages are carried out at the headquarters in Fornovo Taro, Italy, certified by the ISO 9001 system and optimized to offer the customer quick delivery of quality valves.