Heat Exchangers

Production of heat exchangers designed primarily for industry food and beverage, for dairy, chemical and pharmaceutical.

MBS srl designs and builds tube bundle and scraped surface heat exchangers for the food & beverage, dairy, chemical and pharmaceutical industries

It was founded in Parma, Italy in 1995 by a team of entrepreneurs and design engineers with over thirty years’ experience. After two years of research and development into the effects of pipe corrugation in the scope of heat exchange, in collaboration with Parma University’s Engineering Department, MBS entered the market in a commanding position.
This has led to the design of a fluid dynamics analysis program which makes it possible to select and size the most suitable and efficient heat exchanger for any application.
In 2008 MBS became part of the CSF Inox Group. MBS is now a leading supplier of heat exchangers in Italy and around the world and is ISO 9001 and EHEDG certified.
The MBS team of experts can provide total technical and commercial support in the heat treatment of foods, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.
Application of the ‘lean production’ method, use of top quality raw materials and special materials together with years of experience and professionalism in this specific sector, guarantee a high level of quality on the whole catalogue of products.